What is a Meerkats?

Meerkats is good wholesome FUN, where you get to interact with your Child and watch them develop wonderful skills, and build their character at the same time. Meerkats works on the Play Way method, and ensures learning, while having FUN.

The Meerkat movement is   opened to all genders and races of ages 5 to 7 years old. Cubs is all about having fun while learning interesting things and making new friends.

What can my child achieve?

As your Child grows through the scOUT Movement, you will find more and more that they come into a league of their own, as they take on responsibility as a leader and use the skills that they learn.

Meerkats work towards membership to get invested, there after there is badges and challange badges they can earn. 

Investiture requirements

In order for your child to get invested they need to know a few thing. Click on Need to know to download the Meerkat membership badge requitement.

Meerkat Booklets

Short booklet to explain each requirement for each advancement badge. (Hardcover can be purchased from the Pack Scouter) 


Please see correct positioning of all badges.